Walk for Babies

The Goddard School

Thank you for visiting my Walk for Babies page in honor of Malia.  Malia is 14-years-old and she is a Freshmen in the Jackson School of the Arts at Jackson High School.  She is very organized and she loves her theater class and math.  Malia likes to spend her summer volunteering for Camp Invention and at The Goddard School.  Malia's love for young children may just determine her future of a doctor, nurse, physical therapist or teacher.   I always say Malia is on "old soul" because she knows all the 80's songs on the radio, enjoys conversations with adults, and appreciates spending time with her family, especially her new little cousin, Brielle, and her Aunt Liz.  

When we were expecting and began the regular doctor visits, we were presented with a questionable ultrasound.  We were off to specialists and soon found out that our little girl would be born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  This was so scary and so unknown to us.  Thanks to her Fetal Maternal Medicine doctors and nurses, they kept us positive and hoping for the best.  

When Malia was born, she was transported to the NICU at Akron Children's Hospital.  We were told at that time that she would most likely be somewhere between crutches and a wheelchair for mobility.  Being one day old, Malia had her first two surgeries to close the Spina Bifida on her back and place a shunt on the right side of her brain to drain the extra fluid.   30 stitches in her back and five stitches in her head and eight days in the NICU and we were heading home.  Malia  has had three shunt revisions and currently her shunt is not functioning, but she is able to drain the fluid on her own.  Very few Hydrocephalus kids are able to functions without a shunt.  Malia is one of them!  Malia has also had bowel and bladder reconstruction and foot pronation surgery.  She shows strength with every procedure and surgery.  

If you know Malia, you know that nothing stops her.  She is sassy and confident.  She speaks her mind.  We love that about her!  She is also a fighter.  She is on the Jackson High School swim team, she takes jazz dance lessons, and she participates in the Magical Theater K.I.D.S. camp every summer.  

 The Goddard School and our family has participated in The Walk for Babies for all of its years of existence - 13 years and going strong!  The Goddard School raises money for the Walk for Babies by holding bake sales at school, jeans days for a dollar, ice cream sundae days, and our Silent Art Auction and Art Extravaganza.  We have been so fortunate to have raised between $10,000.00 - $17,000.00 each year for the past 10 years.  We literally raise money a dollar at a time!  

You can join our team and walk with us at Canal Park on Sunday, October 6, you can be a virtual walker, or you can make a donation in the name of Malia. 

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