Can I set up both an online fundraising page and hold a fundraising event?

Yes, it is actually recommended.  Utilizing both fundraising options allows you to connect with more possible donors.  By setting up the fundraising page, you can request donations from individuals that may live out of state or are not able to attend your fundraiser.

Are there templates that can be utilized for event flyers?

Yes, using the contact information listed below, you can request electronic templates for your event.

Can I utilize the Akron Children's Hospital logo on communications and event flyers?

Yes, coordinators will be provided a logo that indicates thier event is benefiting Akron Children'sHospital.  All event flyers are to be reviewed by the Akron Children's Hospital Foundation to ensure they comply with branding standards.  The logo is not permitted to be altered in any capacity. 

Where can I learn more about holding a fundraising event for Akron Children's Hospital?

The Foundation at Akron Children's Hospital has created a Community Fundraising Toolkit to help you navigate through the ins and outs of planning a successful fundraising event.  After you review the materials, please contact Events@akronchildrens.org if you have questions or to submit your event proposal form.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding fundraising for Akron Children's Hospital?

Kristen Carpenter
Coordinator, Special Projects
(330) 543-5022

Will each of my donors receive a receipt?

In the event that participant checks are written directly to Akron Children's Hospital or made a donation online, a written acknowledgement of their participation in your fundraising event or program will be sent, but it will not constitute a tax receipt unless proper accounting procedures are followed according to IRS tax regulations.  All donors should check with a tax professional regarding all tax deduction questions.

Akron Children's Hospital will not issue receipts for donors or sponsors who make payments directly to your third-party event.  If a donor requests a receipt, please encourage the check be made out to Akron Children's Hospital.  However, Akron Children's can provide an authorization or approval letter indicating the organizers intent to raise funds on behalf of the hospital. 

Tax receipts CANNOT be sent by you on behalf of Akron Children's Hospital.

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